New Year Words

Dear friends,Ladies and Gentlemen,we-Qing dao Etong Bioengineering has been founded a decade,with the concerted efforts of our domestic and oversea’s clients,with hard work of our employees. Everything’s hard in the beginning, this 10 years, it’s been an unusual decade,it’s been working day and night,it’s been full of hardships.In this 10 years,we are always act with cautions,always be alert,like walking on thin ice gingerly, like dancing on a knife-edge! China’s reform and opening up just past 30 years,so the initial development of our company lack of standard,but tax department and CFDA played a significant role in our developing. Rat in the company make us much stronger than before,anything’s development can’t do without the right person’s help,talented person’s guidance,friend’s support,client’s cooperation, rat’s supervision.

In this decade,we made a great step forward,finally we built our new industrial park with a total construction area of thirty thousand square meters,the total investment is more than one hundred million RMB,the assessed value now is more than three hundred million RMB,it is a foundation for us to stride forward new goals.

In this decade, we made great strides ,we can proudly say that our Haemostats continue leading the domestic markets,no matter in industry standard or on use methods.Each year CFDA will send people come to survey at least one time, summarized the practical experience to guide other producer.Meanwhile,eight kinds of high-tech product’s development related with operations had been primarily completed.

In this decade, we did a big step,our high-end hospital project ,from investigation to project approval, to hiring and buying equipment,all with high efficiency,fast speed. This project in accord with the state’s industrial policy,and laid the foundations for our company’s further development .A new hospital with a total construction area of thirty thousand square meters will be completed,and will make a test run at the end of 2014.

In this decade, we made a huge step,our supporting project---star hotels is nearing completion,there are more than three hundred rooms,and will make a test run at the end of 2014.

In this decade, we made a significant step,our domestic first class new production line is about ten times of old factory, the decoration of clean room has been finished,just wait us move in.

In this decade, we took a large step,our health facilities like:cinema,reading room,fitness room,sports hall,balls hall,etc have been built.In our new factory,everyone can get a free new standard room and free meals.House,car and money will be given to the outstanding staff,we hope more stuff will get this benefits,the more the better.

We’ll continue training our employees,not only improve their business skills but also improve their comprehensive abilities;not only provide them material wealth but also give them spiritual wealth;our responsibility and contribution,not only embodied in revenue but also in foster more talents for the society.

Facing a new decade,we are refreshed,inspiring and confidence!And we also have a strong sense of responsibility,a sense of urgency and crisis! We are worrying about poor when we are rich,and keep vigilant in times of peace!We strictly controlling the quality as always!Keep upgrading modernization of company!Steadily promoting serialization of products!

Carefully considered diversification strategy of company! Entering a new era of reform and opening up,one step at a time,Leading company head for higher and stronger.
Dear friends, Ladies and Gentlemen,let’s join hand,united,to create new era’s success together!
Dear friends, Ladies and Gentlemen,let’s go together to write new era’s chapter!
Dear friends, Ladies and Gentlemen,let’s jumping,cheering and singing!
Dear friends, Ladies and Gentlemen,Let’s toast! Happy New Year!

Qingdao Etsong Bioengienring Co.,Ltd

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