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People make mistake for two reasons:First,ignorance,the other is impudence-one of our employee privately told a colleague:“Every man for himself,and the devil take the hindmost,greedy people die for wealth,birds die in pursuit of food,don’t try your best to work,don’t be silly....”I knew it in later, then talked to that influenced colleagues said:”You sure you do not accept this idea,this view depicts the animal side of man,it will harm you....Do.you know Maslow's demand theory?Human beings are social animals,one’s thinking,knowledge,accomplishment,morality,feelings belongs to his main characters,human beings’character decides they dominates everything,a group of animals can’t do anything ......It is not possible for my colleague whom being effected struggled out from that wrong thinkings,if i don’t talk to him.That means lethality of a negative word is over one hundred positive words,especially for new employees,because their immunity is poor......

Eventually the staff who had selfish thoughts was turned to crime in 2012,the case is significant ,and face sentencing at a later date.People who in cahoots with him all will be involved in this criminal case(someone are taking advantages of her,someone are being took advantages ).
Haemostats for Operations/Haemostats for Wounds/Haemostats for Burns/Instant care for life!

Qingdao Bio-Etsong's
Chairman of the Board
The second phase project under construction


Qingdao Zhonghui Health Industrial Group is mainly involved in the investment of high-tech medical products,development of chained hospitals,e-commerce portal,construction of hotels.And Qingdao Etsong Bioengineering Co.,Ltd is high-tech medical enterprise which is preferentially supported by four level of govemments i.e.state,province,municipality and district levels,the company is mainly engaged in the development and production of hegh-tech and high value added medical products,such as surgical stents,surgical stapler,surgical mesh and haemostatic products.

Under the philosophy of "Doing Good for Humankind", and adhering to the idea of "Constant Pursuit for Excellence" and "Emphasizing Main Business and Keeping out of Temptations", Qingdao Zhonghui Health Industrial Group is trying to develop the domestic and international markets with its biomedical products. To "Seek 100% High-quality Products and 100% Customer Satisfaction", the company operates business with a high sense of social responsibility and social values in order to bring benefit to the mankind by means of modern management and expanding and strengthening the business.

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