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 ⊙ First Aid Kits series  
 ⊙ Anti-adhesion Film Series  
 ⊙ Antiphlogistic & Acesodyne Plaster Series  
 ⊙ 120 Patch Series  

Law of Attraction:
If you like to pay, reward will more and more;
If you like gratitude, successful will more and more;
If you like to help others, then people who wants help you will more and more;
If you like to complain, then diseases will more and more ;
If you like to take advantage of others, poverty will more and more;
If you like donate money to help others , then wealth will more and more ;
If you like to enjoy life, the pain is getting more and more,because when happiness is end and pain will start.
September 2015, our company received the license for Huaxi hospital which was invested by our company. 2015.09.28
April 2015, our company attended Shanghai Exposition 2015.04.28
February 2015, the invested e-commerce platform was formally initiated. 2015.02.22
July 2014, the construction work of green belt within our new industrial park was finished. 2014.07.15
July 2014, our company passed the acceptance check for the major supported project of national level. 2014.07.12
June 2014, the project of our new industrial park passed the national production and GMP standard authentication. 2014.07.08
2014---Company’s New Year Party 2014.01.02
In October 2013, All employees of our company climbed laoshan mountain. 2013.10.29
In August 2013, all staff of our company had a barbecue in laoshan New factory. 2013.08.28
On April 22, 2013, our company donated 1.264 million yuan of emergency supplies(Haemostat) to earthquake-stricken area of Ya’an. 2013.04.25
In March 2013, our company got new GMP certification. 2013.03.27
In February 2013, Our phase III industrial park project will start preparation in the first half of 2013,and will start construction in the second half of this year. 2013.02.27
In February 2013,our chairman re-elected as"Top-notch Talent of Qingdao City". 2013.02.26
In January 2013, our Phase II industrial park project was completed. 2013.01.28
ON Aug. 6,2012,our leader participated Florida International Medical Expo (Miami). 2012.08.28
In August 2012, we passed the European CE Certification and ISO 13485 International Quality System Certification. 2012.08.28
In May 2012, our chairman Mr. Zhang was appointed as distinguished guest professor by Qingdao university . 2012.05.17
In May 2012, our chairman Mr. Zhang was appointed as distinguished guest professor by Qingdao university . 2012.05.17
In 2011,our company was named as " Charity Jinxing jiang of Red Cross" 2011.12.11
On Sep,16,2010 NPC deputies of Shinan district visited our company 2010.09.18
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